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Diet, Exercise, and Magic Fat Burning Pills

We have all heard the latest doctor on tv  talking about what pills  you can get to help lose weight. I have fallen victim to a couple of them, sending in my $5.99 shipping and handling, so I can try their miracle pills for 30 days free. The testimonials, before and after pictures are hard to resist. You get a supply of huge capsules, that you can feel laying in your stomach. I never make it past two weeks. The last thing I tried was Raspberry Keytones, every time I burped I tasted raspberry. I have half a bottle sitting in the kitchen.

Really, the only thing that has done it for me has been diet and exercise. I feel like I accomplished so much by sticking to my meal plan, getting some exercise, and drinking plenty of water. Doing an extra set of exercise or learning a new exercise just does something for me mentally. I pushed myself to do more or learn more.

Just like I make a plan to exercise, I make a plan for meals. I start in the grocery store choosing what the daily meals are going to be with a view on real, fresh food. Some things get re-packaged when I get home into smaller portions, what you don’t cook, you don’t eat. Fresh fruit like grapes are easy to get out,  I wash a handful, munch on them and it helps me stay on my diet.

Sometimes I just feel like having something, anything. Maybe salty, no sugary, when this urge strikes I try to take a walk, drink some water,  put a load of laundry in, clean the bathroom, anything to stay on my diet. Most times the cravings disappear. But when they don’t, I have to go to my significant other and ask for a bite sized Hershey bar, yes, I have to ask and the rule is I only get two.

No magic pills I assure you. Being healthy takes a lot more than waiting for the mailman. Like most things in life, diet and exercise are real work, and some creativity. I am going to stay with my plan to get fit and skip the magic pills.