Getting the Junk Out of Our Trunk After 50

Whew! Its been a long week. I started school on Monday and classes start at 7am until 6pm. The drive adds an hour on  each end, so I am out the door at 6am and not home until just after 7pm. It has been hard to squeeze any exercise in, so I have been working mainly on what I eat. Really its about what I don’t eat that will keep me on track.

Every night, I make a sandwich ( chicken or turkey), pack some graham crackers, applesauce or little  cans of fruit cocktail. I have been freezing 3 or 4 bottles of water to help keep my lunch cold, you can’t eat those ice pack things, and they just take up room. Since I have to get out so early, I have only had one cup of coffee, and yes I had some caffeine with drawl, but I have been drinking an entire bottle of water on my ride each morning, so it is a good change.

I spend my first morning break walking around the building just to get some exercise and to stay awake. Since I am not getting my coffee jolt, I am pretty sluggish by 9 or 10 am and found that a brisk walk really does wake me up. The last thing I need is to fall asleep in class!

It is most difficult to stay away from the vending machines and the lady who brings the Mexican food truck around every day. That food smells so good and she gives a big helping, but I now if I eat that way everyday I will blow my progress. Maybe on my last day I will have something, maybe a tamale or two, maybe. That gives me something to look forward to.

This first week away all day from home and the schedule I have set up have been a little challenge. I am not letting these things get to me, just tackle it one thing at a time and trying to be ready for the obstacles. Packing lunch, some good snacks, carrying water, have been part of the strategy of getting my weight under control. For the vending machine, I will tell you my secret, I do not carry any money, only my debit card if I need gas or for emergencies.

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