Getting the Junk Out of Our Trunk After 50

I really thought I blew it this morning. Last night I had some cake and ice cream. Not just any cake, Lemon cake, my mother-in-laws recipe. She was a fantastic lady and wonderful cook. She taught me a lot, sewing, crocheting, tried to teach me to knit, but it was her way of cooking that really stuck with me. Its funny the things that stay with you long after other things (marriages) fade away.

Back to why I thought I blew it. I have been really staying away from any extras, salt, sugar, fats. Keeping to a diet is not very easy as we all know, but it is extra difficult when you need to entertain, or just want to have the gang over. It’s hard to be a great hostess passing out all the goodies, but not enjoying any of  it yourself.

A family member was having a birthday and asked for the Lemon cake and vanilla ice cream. What could I do?  Announce that I could not have any as part of my diet? Invite everyone to the workout room for some  party exercises? So I indulged, and tried not to eat the biggest piece I could cut with company present. The worse part was the clean up and I had to resist cleaning it all up with a fork. So I freshened the bathroom up, took out the trash, and let someone else do the leftovers, with instructions to ‘take any that you want home with you.’ It was hard to part with the rest of the cake.

I was getting ready to go to an appointment this morning and went to put on a skirt. Mind you, I had worn this skirt about three weeks ago and it fit fine for a size 14. Today the waist band was too big, too big for a safety-pin even. So I had to look for something else and that something else was a size 12. I felt so relieved, and a little sad, cause I really liked that skirt!  Never happy right?

I don’t have a magic bullet for these times, so enjoy your family and friends when they visit. Try to keep portion size in mind, only have one serving of the goodies. In a real world you can’t live in a box, eventually we all have to go to a restaurant, or function where food is the main focus. Just remember the goal to get healthy, eat right, and exercise 90% of the time so the other 10% can be enjoyed.

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