Getting the Junk Out of Our Trunk After 50

I have been watching the Olympics and really feeling very motivated by the athletes I am seeing.  I am so impressed by the dedication of these kids, it really takes something to get that far. Think of the diet and exercise regimen they go thru, the mental work it takes to be that good.  Good enough for gold.  Their bodies reward them by doing what is asked of it when the time comes  and the rewards reach farther than the games if they continue to follow a healthy lifestyle.

We are, in effect, going for the gold in our own way. After 50 years old, your body has developed a mind of its own. Any forward movement in diet and exercise, changing your mindset are paths to personal gold. A few pounds lost, seeing muscle defineation, sleeping better at night, more energy to get thru the day are all mile markers. Let theses simple things be a motivation to stay on track. We are in an Olympics of our own.

I have been right on track these past few days, especially with exercising everyday. I am on a good schedule working out with weights every other day, and doing  Cardio in between. I have been walking to get the paper everyday. My walk is just down the driveway, but in the country, our driveway is 7/10th’s of a mile one way. That’s just under a mile and a half, and some days I go again in the early evening when its cool.

One of my bad habits, is my posture, which I try to practice on when I am walking. Getting and staying aligned, holding my stomach in, and taking smaller steps, takes a conscious effort for me. Shoulders back and down, not hunched up and tense, lining up my shoulders and hips. I actually feel the difference just as if I had worked out because I am using other muscles that have not been used lately. I have even been running a little bit, not going too fast, trying to keep my form.

My diet is not perfect but my portions are well in line with the deck of cards rule. Most times I only put a meat portion and a veggie portion on my plate. I have bumped up to 10 – 16 oz. bottles of water a day.  I have had a ginger-ale here and there, and still having coffee with sugar in the morning. The difference is that I am not drinking a whole pot of coffee with cream and sugar in every cup. My second cup is a warm up, not adding anymore cream or sugar.

I have learned that after 50, it’s the little things that can make a big difference in exercising. One thing is to not get ahead of yourself, if you have not exercised in many years, you may need to review the exercises you are planning and practice your form before doing an entire routine.  You don’t want to risk an injury that can derail all of your progress, and maybe take a long time to heal.

Don’t get crazy cutting calories either. When I was a teenager, I lived on chocolate bars and soda.  I did so many things wrong with my diet, thinking I am not eating that much, but I was not eating smart.  Even though I walked to work and home almost everyday, I never trimmed any fat off.

Age brings wisdom, they say, but I think it just gives you more time to learn what your body needs, and how it reacts to different things.  Now that I am older, my body needs different things to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Looking good doesn’t always mean feeling good. I am here to get the best of both worlds. I want to stay motivated, learning about new exercises I can do, and eat the correct foods to maintain my diet, getting the nutrients an older gal needs.

I admit that even without weighing-in or measuring myself, I feel great. Watching the kids in London when they do their dismounts I feel myself ‘sticking’ the landing with them. Gold. I am an athlete, an after 50 athlete. I am strong, motivated, and right in line living a healthy lifestyle after 50. Come with me, and let’s go for gold!

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