Getting the Junk Out of Our Trunk After 50

Well I probably shouldn’t do this but I am going to weigh in and re-take my measurements. I posted yesterday that I think the salt in the water softening system is keeping me bloated. It has been two solid weeks since I have had a drink of non bottled water.  I feel better at least. Here are the numbers, weight 146, bust 38, waist 35.5, hips 44, thighs 24. So far that’s two pounds lost and half an inch from bust, waist, and thighs.

Like I said in my last post ‘ Is the Salt in the Water Softener Keeping Me Fat?’, I have not been in the exercise room all week. I did keep my challenge promise to walk the dog every morning, and I have even walked her every night as well.  I have not been as strict about my eating, but have really increased my water intake, and ya know what?, a 16 oz bottle is easier to track how much I am getting every day. I lose track of how many glasses I filled and then the ice displaces some of the water, so it is not a true 8 oz glass of water.

In another older post ‘ Everything After 6 Sticks to Your Hips’, reminded me that eating at night is not the way to help your body burn fat. With the water thing, I am reminded that I was a city girl, and the water is highly chlorinated in some places. I always used bottled water as tap water made my stomach ache from the chemicals they use to clean it. Bottled water just works for me. I hate the bottles and will have to be ‘recycle’ conscious again, but its worth it.  Softened water is great for washing clothes and hair, but if you are salt sensitive like me, it can leave you feeling fat and frustrated.

So, I am feeling better and as always trying to fine tune the diet and exercise thing to my own body and needs. I have been eating better and earlier than before, doing smaller portions.  I will be in my workout room, checking out my Big Book of Exercises for Women that I bought last year.  Yeah, we all have those moments when we buy something and don’t use it, but at least I have read thru it and even marked some of the exercises that I want to try.

I think most of all you have to stay motivated thru the trials and errors. When I first lost my weight, I went to a gym, learned to use weights, and believe it or not the sales people were very upbeat and helped me keep motivated. When I said I was thinking of quitting one of the girls took me to the mirror and showed me where my shoulders were becoming more defined, my hips were smaller, and she simply said,” Don’t quit, your work is just beginning to show.” That little kindness sent me on my way from 208 lbs to 122 lbs. I was in the gym three mornings a week, and on my roller blades the other two.  I had a serious six-pack at 38 years old.

Now at 54 I am not saying I can be that small, or even want to.  Just happy, healthy, and pleased to be in my own skin. Just like then, it took time to learn the routines and put in some effort. It will be no less challenging now than it was when I started, but ya know what, I am starting with a much stronger core body than back then. That’s encouragement all by itself.  See ya next Sunday.

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