Getting the Junk Out of Our Trunk After 50

This week has been strange, as I have not really kept to my diet or done any regular exercise. I have come to the conclusion that our water softener is keeping me fat. Well, bloated at least. After all, we put 40 lbs of salt tablets in it about every 15 days. I have magically lost a pound, my clothes are loose and really I have not done anything consistent this week, except drink some bottled water we purchased last week while we were away.

In my last post, I said that I had missed a regular post as I was away, without internet, helping out family. Much of the water in Florida is hard, has a sulfur smell, and I just can’t drink it. Knowing this is the case at this family members home, I bought a case of water, because I laid off soda and coffee for my diet.
No big deal, I went thru the case and got 2 more, since they were on sale. We get home and I put a bunch of them in the fridge, since I spent money on them, I have been drinking only the bottled water instead of softened tap water, using it only to cook with and for coffee.

I first noticed it on Wednesday, I had an interview,slipped on some pantyhose and didn’t feel like a stuffed sausage. I tried on a dress and what a babe! My curves are really showing without looking like a prostitute! This dress had been a bit too tight and is a size 12, I just bought a 14 in the same style to replace it with. I know that I wowed them at the interview, the manager actually stuttered his own name when we met!

I had bought a new swimsuit, size 14, the week before we went away. Even though we were only steps from a secluded beach, I only got to wear it once on Saturday after I had finished with the family stuff.  It is a swim dress style, fit very well, and hid my thighs and butt, so I was not too self-conscious on the beach.  This week, yesterday in fact, we went to New Smyrna Beach and I wore the suit. I spent the entire day pulling it up, re-tying the straps, it is too big all  of a sudden. This morning I put on some shorts, size 12, and they are loose too.

So, I jumped on the scale. Only a pound? But I feel so…svelte. I think that is French for thin. Then I get to thinking about the water thing. Could it be? I have been struggling for two years thinking I am going crazy about this 20 pounds. All the while my jean size has gone up and up.The worst part is, I know I am salt sensitive. I always pass up the very salted stuff, never use it at the table, because the least bit makes my fingers swell. My rings! I just thought about them, I have not been able to wear them, they are too tight.Here I think I am getting fat, killing myself to eat just right, taking vitamins, supplements, always active…my rings fit, size 4…maybe my watch will fit again too….yes it does.

Well I admit that I have not stuck to my diet, nor been in the exercise room all week, but sometimes just knowing your own body is the best way to start and keep to a healthy lifestyle. I guess it is time to do a little research about water that goes thru a salt softening system. I am no scientist, but I know how I feel and I like what I see in the mirror. I will let you know what I find.

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