Getting the Junk Out of Our Trunk After 50

I know that this can be a very touchy subject for a lot of folks, so I am going to start by telling you about a friend of mine. I won’t be using any names because it is not polite,so here goes.

My friend/co-worker and I are at the mall charging thru a heavenly sale. You know the kind, unheard of markdowns, on the good stuff. We have arms loaded headed for the dressing rooms.  I mean we are giggling all the way, so excited with our finds. We get finished and I come out with at least 6 garments that are going home with me, she put everyone of her choices on the return rack.

“Wait”, I said “whats up? You loved this one and that one,” pointing out a couple of very cute dresses, “and what about this?”, pulling another out. She said “They don’t fit.” I am looking at her like a crazy person…”what do you mean?” “Don’t fit your style, or what exactly?” “The size”, she says. I suggest that she go get them in the correct size and she very sheepishly says “No, forget about it.”

Listen I know by looking at her that she is no size 2. But this lady is one of the sweetest, most dedicated workers, great mom, wife,daughter.  Finally we are in the car, I needed to get an answer, so I got around to the subject. “What happened in there?” She very calmly said,”I cant buy anything above a certain size.” I got to thinking about all the times I would cut the size 14 labels out of my clothes, so I could relate, but I thought it was ridiculous that she would not buy something if it was one size above where she could tolerate.

Fast forward 20 years later and now the fashion industry is bending over backwards to stop the bad publicity about ‘anorexic models’.  Finally there are real plus sized models and whole catalogs dedicated to women over size 10. So now, are we swinging the other way? Why can’t they just advertise the clothes with a variety of sizes available, and send models down the runway reflecting many shapes and sizes?  We ladies of all sizes need to realize that its not the number on our clothes or the scale that dictates who we are. Certainly go for a healthy lifestyle. Exercise within your abilities, learn a new way of cooking, but most importantly love who you are.

When your man is looking at you thru the eyes of love he sees a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model. You children see you as the greatest woman on earth, your parents remember their little girl, and God sees your wonderful heart. Give yourself a break and don’t obsess about the numbers, remember to cut the tag out. Keep looking forward, doing your best to knock off the weight so you will be a healthy role model for your family and around for a long time.


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